Students are responsible for attending school with a positive attitude toward studying and learning as evidenced by regular, punctual attendance and completion of class work. School law requires that students attend full-time classes until they are sixteen years old. Between sixteen and eighteen years of age they are required to attend full-time classes in the regular school or continuation high school.

Students may leave high school early, with parent permission, by passing the California High School Proficiency Exam. Dates and requirements are available to students. Credit for attendance at school will be limited to actual presence. Parents and students are urged to schedule medical appointments after school hours. Vacations and out of town trips should not be scheduled during school hours.


A Saturday-school session will be assigned to make up for excessive absences

Cuts (Absence unverified by parent):

Each cut will result in an assignment to one Saturday-school session.

Arriving Late to School:

Tardy: A student is late to class if they are not in the assigned place determined by each teacher at the appointed time. All students arriving after 7:55 a.m. must check into the Attendance Office and sign the Tardy Log before reporting to class. A student will only be excused for a tardy with a medical/counselor note. A parent can excuse a tardy without a medical note up to three (3) times per semester. Students who are tardy will be assigned a lunch detention. Detention lists are posted in the main office.

Tardy 1-5

  • Lunch or afterschool detention, to be served within two days

Tardy 6+

  • After receiving five (5) tardies, a student will meet with an administrator and the next discipline step will be determined
  • After School Detention for each tardy
  • In addition, the student may be referred to the county School Attendance Review Board (SARB)


Make-up work due to absence

Excused: Absence verified by parent for illness, medical appointment, legal appointment or death in the family. Student may make-up work.

Site Excused (as recognized by school): Absences recognized by school such as a DMV appointment, college tours or to fulfill requirements assigned by legal agencies. Student may make up the work.

Unexcused: Absence of reasons other than excused. Work may be made up with penalty of one grade (i.e., suspension, tardy, transportation) with approval of teacher.

Cut: Absence unverified by parent/guardian. Work may not be allowed to be made up.

Excessive Excused Absences: Excessive absences may need to be verified with a doctor’s note.

Home Hospital: To qualify for the Home/Hospital Program instruction, the student’s illness or injury must be diagnosed and verified in writing by a licensed physician. The term “temporary disability” means disabled by accident or by physical, mental, or emotional illness for a period of three (3) weeks or longer. Contact your GLC, or Mrs. Ditler, Home/Hospital coordinator, for more information.

Clearing Absences

  1. Students must clear their absence within 72 hours (3 days) following the absence to avoid disciplinary action. Absences not cleared will be considered unexcused/cut, and may result in Saturday School assignment. Attendance records cannot be revised after this period.
  2. The Attendance Office requests that parents call on the day of the absence to verify the reason for the absence (928-4228), or email Call may be made 24 hours per day to leave a message on voicemail.
  3. Parents receiving a phone call notifying them of their student’s absence have the option of calling the attendance office, or sending an email to Parents may also send a note with their student on the day they return to school following an absence (parent signature required).
  4. When clearing an absence, please include the following information: student’s full name, name and relationship of person verifying the absence, date(s) of the absence(s), and reason for absence.

Leaving the campus

Summerville has a closed campus and students may not leave without permission from the office. All vehicles that are brought on campus are to be left in the parking lot. Prior to leaving campus, a student must have parental permission and sign out in the office. A student leaving campus without school permission may receive a 2-day suspension.

During lunch, parents wishing to take their student off campus must appear in person at the Attendance desk to remove student from campus. Phone calls/notes are not permitted to excuse students during lunch.

As part of our closed campus policy, guests of students are not allowed on campus. Visitors must register with the school clerk in the office.

Students who become ill are to report to the office. If it is determined that the student is too ill to continue in school, a parent will be notified to come and pick up the student. Students will not be released from school without parent verification or emergency contact.

Accidents occur in spite of extreme care exercised by those in authority. Sometimes students receive injuries that are sufficiently serious to warrant medical treatment. Parents are legally responsible for these costs. Accidents must be reported as soon as possible to the teacher, coach, or office personnel within 24 hours.

Medications at school
In compliance with Education Code section 294423, NO medications will be accepted or administered at school without meeting the following requirements: 1) Physician and parent request forms filled out completely including physician and parent signatures. No medication will be administered without detailed physician instruction. 2) Medication taken to school must be furnished in its pharmacy labeled bottle or in original pharmacy labeled injectable medication kit. Students are not to keep medication on their person or in their locker. All medications must be turned in to the Attendance/Guidance Office unless prior arrangement has been made.

Partial Day Check Out Procedures

  1. No student will be allowed to check out before the end of the school day without a note or phone call from a parent/guardian.
  2. Students who must leave campus prior to the end of the school day for any reason must check out of the school through the Attendance Office.
  3. During lunch, parents wishing to take their student off campus must appear in person at the Attendance Office to remove student from campus. Phone calls or notes are not permitted to excuse students during lunch.
  4. Failure to follow the proper checkout procedure will result in an unverified absence plus disciplinary action.