All regular meetings are held on Wednesdays at the Summerville High School Library.

5:30 PM Closed Session
6:30 PM Open Session

Current Meeting Agenda
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Downloadable version of the 2016-2017 Board Meeting Calendar
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2016-2017 Calendar

*Connections Visual & Performing Arts Academy Board Meeting also scheduled
August 10

• Quarterly review and adoption of revised policies • Annual Personnel Renewals

August 31*

• Orientation for Board candidates • Finalize goals and success indicators for coming year

September 14

• Meets statutory deadline for Unaudited Actuals Adoption • Receive and review State test results • Attend Back to School Night

September 28*

• Review academic data indicators

October 12

• Discuss priorities and preliminary goals for following year

October 26*

• Report progress on goals to the community

November 16

• Quarterly review and adoption of revised policies • Develop key messages about district topics and issues including test results

December 14*

• CSBA Annual Education Conference • First interim budget • Annual Board reorganization • Staff projects next year’s revenue and expenses • Orientation for new Board Members • New course proposals

January 11

• Audit report must be accepted by January 31st • Board reviews governance protocols and handbook • Superintendent presents mid-year goals progress report

January 25*

• Board sets budget priorities • Staff projections and forecast of next year’s revenues and expenses • Quarterly review and adoption of revised policies

February 8

• Brown Act workshop by CSBA • New Board members attend workshops • Report progress and goals to community • Review hiring and evaluation process every 2 years • Instructional materials adoption/cycle/process • Superintendent evaluation

February 22*

• Schedule study sessions on topics related to student learning and achievement • Schedule budget study sessions

March 8

• Second interim budget • Last meeting before preliminary layoff date (March 15) • Review District vision every 2-3 years • Quarterly review and adoption of revised policies

April 12

April 26*

• Board self-evaluation • Conclude staff projections, set level • Completion instructional materials adoption/cycle/process • Curriculum proposals

May 10

• Meets statutory deadline for layoffs (May 15) • Ensure plan is in place for communication to community • Develop key messages about district topics and issues including district budget

May 24*

• Governors May revise report to Board

June 14

• LCAP Hearing • Budget Hearing

June 28*

• LCAP Approval • Budget Approval


• No Meeting