Summerville High’s “Friday Night Live” chapter meets Tuesday A days at lunch in room 202.

We focus on drug and alcohol prevention, traffic safety, and much more! Youths in this club get a chance to make a difference in their community and work with adults to make their projects a reality.


There will be a California Highway Patrol (CHP) Start Smart Class on Tuesday the 29th from 6­8pm. The meeting will take place in the library of Summerville High School. This will give parents some information about on traffic safety towards teens, such as drinking and driving and other distractions/laws. Students are welcome to attend with their parents!

Our club has also started a Seat Belt Campaign which allows for us to make sure that our community is following the law behind seat belts. On September 17th, FNL members gathered in front of the office before school and collected data of who followed the law and who didn’t. We found that the majority of people did, however passengers tended to not wear one once they got to the school, for they felt since they were to be dropped off, they could take it off before the vehicle stopped moving. The exact data we had found was that 104 vehicles had everyone wearing a seatbelt, while 20 vehicles had either a driver or passenger not wearing one.

With this said, we would like to announce that there will be a pledge held at lunch on Monday September 28th. This pledge allows for students throughout the school to get involved and make a commitment to the law.