40 units
Eight consecutive semesters of English

Social Studies

30 units
Two semesters of World History; two semesters of U.S. History; one semester of U.S. Government; one semester of Economics/Government.


30 units
Six semesters selected from mathematics course offerings required of all students. All students must complete Algebra.


20 units
Four semesters of science required; one year of Life Science, one year of Earth/Physical Science.

Physical Education

30 units
Students must be enrolled for each of the first six semesters of high school. Six semesters must be passed.

Fine Arts/Foreign Language

10 units
Students must pass one year of a foreign language, art, music, photo or drama.


20 units
One semester of Health and one semester of Keyboarding during the freshman year and two semesters of Senior Seminar in the senior year.

Other Courses

120 units
As indicated by major course of study and student’s life plan.

Total Required for Graduation

300 units

  1. Students transferring into the district from another high school shall be awarded credits toward graduation based on courses completed elsewhere without penalty resulting from variation of local requirements.
  2. Students must pass the California High School Exit Exam (CaHSEE) in order to graduate from high school.
  3. Students earning a comprehensive diploma must successfully complete a senior project.